Lets start again

Chocolate and chilli cupcake

I am back, back in the blogging world, l had a little dabble with blogging late last year but after attending a great workshop yesterday at Bodega http://bodegabirmingham.co.uk/  where i might add l had a delicious Mexican hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. which would go perfectly with my Chocolate and Chilli cupcake.

The workshop was with with Rickie Josen  http://www.rickiejosen.co.uk and i am now feeling well and truly inspired you can check out the other workshops here http://craftyskills.wordpress.com/workshops/

So its called adventures in Kakeland and cake features heavily (as you would imagine) as well as all the people, experiences, pics, that i want to share on my adventure to one day working in my business full-time.

So have a read, feel free to comment, let me know what you might want to see and follow my Kake adventure..

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