Working 5 – 9


Phew, what a busy couple of weeks it has been first up my birthday which was a couple of weeks ago, l decided to keep up the tradition of taking cakes in to work for colleagues which in my opinion is a little weird as really it should be other way round (don’t you think?) anyway can you guess what l took in, yep CUPCAKES, hasten to add they went down a treat and l received some lovely feedback especially from some Cupkakery virgins.

Chocolate hazlenut praline,blueberry and lemon,Chocolate and Raspberry and Peanut butter and jelly
Chocolate hazlenut praline,blueberry and lemon,Chocolate and Raspberry and Peanut butter and jelly

But getting back to l feel as though l haven’t had a minute and if truth be told l haven’t  which in reality is a good sign as it means that things for me are getting busier, which means  l am one step closer to my goal.

With a busier business my free time becomes even more precious and the demands of being a 5-9 er (working on my business after work) becomes even more challenging, l am not the only one, a few of my friends are either 5-9ers or running small businesses and i think being a 5 – 9 er i have just noticed that in fact there are quite a few of us about and l have to wonder what is fuelling the current trend http://

The downside is that Sacrifices are often made, plans get cancelled, friends get neglected, visits to the gym (what gym) not much dancing (love to salsa) it just seems like work work work and as for my family they are close to me in location and we always get together at the weekend for dinner and a catch up as that is one area of my life that l need to keep close and not neglect.

Am l complaining hell no, this is the commitment l have made to start a small business that one day l will run full time, plus the satisfaction of seeing it grow and being in total control of the creativity, marketing, even some admin i enjoy (sad l know)  but what l have decided l need to change is my work life balance and this decision came about by me thinking if l run myself into the ground there is no business cause l am my business and also by reading this article from Richard Branson gave me a bit of inspiration http://

l love what he says :

“For an entrepreneur launching a startup, it always feels like there are a million things to do and the clock is against you. It is easy to neglect your health and your family as you spend your time dealing with emergencies. Finding time for yourself or to think about the future of the business may seem just about impossible, but you won’t be able to keep going at 100 miles per hour if you are running on empty,” wrote the Virgin Group founder in his blog.

This is so true, l get home head awash with ideas, chill for an hour and straight back into work, but it is now time to address the balance by working on my time management, making the most of my spare time, and juggle things around a bit, being a 5-9 er is hard work but i #loveit

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