As the image above says “Inspiration is everywhere” and with Cupkakery i would say my main source of inspiration is actually from America  with all the neighbourhood bakeries it seems your never far away from a good bakery serving up brownies, Cupcakes, Whoopie pies etc…. and the style of cupcake focusing on flavour instead of the decorated sugarpaste top is the way i have chosen to go because as l also bake larger celebration cakes really l am getting the best of both worlds,( my site for the larger cakes is)

So as the cupcake is huge in the states and with the vast amount of digital channels showing programmes from all over the world some lovely Cupcake  businesses have come to my attention I love More, Sprinkles, Sift, baked and GeorgeTown cupcake as well as watching Cupcake Wars and not forgetting our very own Great British bake off which l love and is back on TV soon (woo hoo)

But inspiration also comes from reading through various baking books,wondering round the fruit and veg isle and even watching Master Chef and drooling at the TV and being inspired by their use of ingredients and flavour combinations.
My Chilli and Pineapple cupcakes was actually inspired by a dessert made by one of the contestants on Master Chef.


The process of creating flavor combinations I try and figure out in my head, get it jotted down and sometimes i can almost taste it, i know sounds weird or maybe I just like putting taste together that I like.

Well l have found an amazing book that I heard about on channel 4s Sunday brunch a couple weeks ago about pairing food with wine, well this book pairs food with food (flavour with flavour) and its called the flavour thesaurus

The Flavout Thesaurus

and its amazing and right up my street, I curled up on the sofa and was reading it like a novel, oohing and ahhing at the combinations I want to try and smiling when I came across a combination I had thought of and was already on my list.
So if your looking for recipes you won’t really find many but if your looking to use your creativity with food then this book is for you whether your a budding chef, enthusiastic home cook or baker its one book that is highly recommended to help you along with some fabulous creative bakes.

Baking Counts

What a lovely day it was on Saturday 27th April 2013 for the baking counts Cake competition held in Moseley, Birmingham. Firstly Moseley I just love it, it’s a little quirky with some fab bars and restaurants, the lovely Moseley farmers market was on as well as the opening of Guthrie & Ghani if you watched the great British sewing bee this has now been opened by one of the contestants. It’s a new Haberdashery, fabric and Yarn store and looks ab fab.

But back to the baking, I decided to enter two category’s, out of the three, the categories were, Decorated Cupcake, Baked cake and Decorated big cake.  I decided to enter the Decorated cupcake and baked cake category with a carrot cake as I had a busy week with my sit back kick back cupcakes and a special 40th Birthday cake. So busy, busy, busy.

20130427-160455.jpg                             IMG_2337                 IMG_2389

Competition was fierce and  there was so much cake to try that it was nigh on impossible to decide what I liked and what stood out, the idea was for the baked cake category anybody bakes a cake, then pays £5.00 to enter each cake and then anybody could pay £2.00 and be a judge, eat cake and then judge their favorite.

Now i must admit it was cake carnage, everyone piled there plates high and then couldn’t remember which is which, i tried to try a bit of each and did aim to judge like Mary berry (no soggy bottoms here) but gave up, after becoming absolutely caked out, But i voted for two  lemony ones and the winner which was called “one arm bandit”,which i believe  was some chocolaty confection or else i actually voted for some one else.

IMG_2393IMG_2339         IMG_2373

Decorated cake Category was basically do what you like, and there were some very good decorated cakes the winner was this lovely two tiered delight


Then onto the Decorated Cupcake Category, again some lovely decorated cakes, loved the blood monsters (my faves)

IMG_2351               IMG_2349               IMG_2378

And the winner of the decorated category was (drum roll please……..) Cupkakery with my Teddy bears picnic Cupcakes, how pleased was l.


My prize was a workshop with the lovely Blue door bakery so overall a fab day and more importantly over £1,500 raised for charity  if you want to know when the next event will be follow the girls on there facebook page Baking counts 


The Double Decker Cupcake challenge

Another post, l am on a roll, l am trying to be consistent and luckily for me there’s an “app for that”, so i can write on the go so really no excuse not to keep on blogging.

Anyway if you read my first post you will all know I’m still doing the full time thing while I work on my business part time.
So that means from time to time all my lucky work colleagues get to eat some Cupkakery Cupcakes and l consider myself to be the self titled Cupcake queen.
I Often get request for various flavours or they just want me to bring in cake l don’t always oblige but l do from time to time.
Anyway one certain flavour came up in discussion around the lunch table, it was for a Double Decker cupcake.
The challenge was set by a couple of colleagues who absolutely tormented me day in day out to make this cake, the one stipulation they set was not just to bake a chunk of Decker into a cake but make a Double Decker Cupcake . So l got to thinking how??? But like most of the flavours I create a bit of deconstruction takes place, so I looked at a Double Decker, the base is chocolate crispies, then nougat then covered in chocolate, so I decided just replicate the bar but in cake.

So that’s exactly what I did, l made a rice crispy and Belgian chocolate base, vanilla cake, nougat baked into the center  chocolate buttercream and finished with some slivers of double decker( well would be rude not too) I tweeted Cadburys  , got a RT, and gained some great comments and new followers.


Took them in to work and Hasten to add they went down a storm and all l get now is “when you bringing in more deckers arghhhhh.
Anyway thanks to the lads it’s another cake flavour added to the Cupkakery repetoire.
Now I’ve done that l can sleep easy, well until the next challenge which in fact has just been set, by Kathryn Partington ,Lavender and Vanilla Cupcakes (lets see if i can get it not  to taste of soap) all I can say is watch this space. Oh and feel free to suggest flavours, what would you like to see me create next ??

Cake Decorating Basics


Hello everyone, its been a while since my last blog, have had a little play with the look of the blog but i can be fickle so be prepared if it changes again.

Soll have been so busy and have lots to share regarding my adventures in kakeland but  going to commit that by hook or by crook  l will stick to a fortnightly blog post  so watch this space.

So today i thought l would go back to basics and share a number of post around tutorials, help and advice to do with Cake decorating and cupcake making as well as all my kakey goings on on my kake adventure.

So as the title says its back to cake decorating basics

I started my hobby (which is now a business) back in my 20s (and no not 1920)and  have basically been honing my craft since then, l can safely say l am also still learning as there are so many new techniques and i want to try them all, but l am really quite amazed at both the popularity of baking/cake decorating, (i believe the great British bake off  has a lot to answer for) and as for cupcakes they have just exploded but convinced they are well and truly here to stay.

You only have to venture to the various cake shows and  look at the numerous amount of workshops, cake clubs etc to see the continued popularity as well as the various levels of skill that are out there.

But with any art or skill there is always the basics you have to master and today l am  going to share some of the equipment you are going to need to get yourself started.

So you need to cover a cake and get that smooth flawless finish but how?? well you will need a bit of kit to get started. This is what i started with

  • Plastic Rolling pin – Available in a variety of sizes for a variety of task
  • Smoother – To create that smooth flawless finish, you can get smoother’s for round  cakes and square, the round smoother has a rounded edge and the square has a straight sharper edge
  • Palette knife/Cranked Palette knife – Use to apply buttercream to cake layers and to crumb coat a cake
  • Pizza wheel or sharp knife – I use either to trim edges around a cake

  • gel colours – Available in many colours to produce different hues and shades and is concentrated so a little goes a long way

cocktail sticks – Use to add colour to sugarpaste in small amounts (remember you can add but you cant take away so be easy on the colour)

  • ruler – I use to measure diameter of rolled paste and double check depth of cake to achieve a good coverage
  • Side Cake scraper – Use to smooth buttercream added for a crumb coat

As well as a cake turntable,cake drums, sugarpaste, buttercream, (will cover in another post)  this is a good place to start. I would also get yourself off to a DIY store and buy a tool box as i find this is handy way to store your starter kit, but in time you will need so much more storage for all the bits of equipment you will now start to collect for your new hobby/business.

please feel free to comment or ask any questions as i will be happy to answer, or you can subscribe to the blog, but keep an eye out for future post

Happy Baking