The Double Decker Cupcake challenge

Another post, l am on a roll, l am trying to be consistent and luckily for me there’s an “app for that”, so i can write on the go so really no excuse not to keep on blogging.

Anyway if you read my first post you will all know I’m still doing the full time thing while I work on my business part time.
So that means from time to time all my lucky work colleagues get to eat some Cupkakery Cupcakes and l consider myself to be the self titled Cupcake queen.
I Often get request for various flavours or they just want me to bring in cake l don’t always oblige but l do from time to time.
Anyway one certain flavour came up in discussion around the lunch table, it was for a Double Decker cupcake.
The challenge was set by a couple of colleagues who absolutely tormented me day in day out to make this cake, the one stipulation they set was not just to bake a chunk of Decker into a cake but make a Double Decker Cupcake . So l got to thinking how??? But like most of the flavours I create a bit of deconstruction takes place, so I looked at a Double Decker, the base is chocolate crispies, then nougat then covered in chocolate, so I decided just replicate the bar but in cake.

So that’s exactly what I did, l made a rice crispy and Belgian chocolate base, vanilla cake, nougat baked into the center  chocolate buttercream and finished with some slivers of double decker( well would be rude not too) I tweeted Cadburys  , got a RT, and gained some great comments and new followers.


Took them in to work and Hasten to add they went down a storm and all l get now is “when you bringing in more deckers arghhhhh.
Anyway thanks to the lads it’s another cake flavour added to the Cupkakery repetoire.
Now I’ve done that l can sleep easy, well until the next challenge which in fact has just been set, by Kathryn Partington ,Lavender and Vanilla Cupcakes (lets see if i can get it not  to taste of soap) all I can say is watch this space. Oh and feel free to suggest flavours, what would you like to see me create next ??

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