Baking Counts

What a lovely day it was on Saturday 27th April 2013 for the baking counts Cake competition held in Moseley, Birmingham. Firstly Moseley I just love it, it’s a little quirky with some fab bars and restaurants, the lovely Moseley farmers market was on as well as the opening of Guthrie & Ghani if you watched the great British sewing bee this has now been opened by one of the contestants. It’s a new Haberdashery, fabric and Yarn store and looks ab fab.

But back to the baking, I decided to enter two category’s, out of the three, the categories were, Decorated Cupcake, Baked cake and Decorated big cake.  I decided to enter the Decorated cupcake and baked cake category with a carrot cake as I had a busy week with my sit back kick back cupcakes and a special 40th Birthday cake. So busy, busy, busy.

20130427-160455.jpg                             IMG_2337                 IMG_2389

Competition was fierce and  there was so much cake to try that it was nigh on impossible to decide what I liked and what stood out, the idea was for the baked cake category anybody bakes a cake, then pays £5.00 to enter each cake and then anybody could pay £2.00 and be a judge, eat cake and then judge their favorite.

Now i must admit it was cake carnage, everyone piled there plates high and then couldn’t remember which is which, i tried to try a bit of each and did aim to judge like Mary berry (no soggy bottoms here) but gave up, after becoming absolutely caked out, But i voted for two  lemony ones and the winner which was called “one arm bandit”,which i believe  was some chocolaty confection or else i actually voted for some one else.

IMG_2393IMG_2339         IMG_2373

Decorated cake Category was basically do what you like, and there were some very good decorated cakes the winner was this lovely two tiered delight


Then onto the Decorated Cupcake Category, again some lovely decorated cakes, loved the blood monsters (my faves)

IMG_2351               IMG_2349               IMG_2378

And the winner of the decorated category was (drum roll please……..) Cupkakery with my Teddy bears picnic Cupcakes, how pleased was l.


My prize was a workshop with the lovely Blue door bakery so overall a fab day and more importantly over £1,500 raised for charity  if you want to know when the next event will be follow the girls on there facebook page Baking counts 


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