As the image above says “Inspiration is everywhere” and with Cupkakery i would say my main source of inspiration is actually from America  with all the neighbourhood bakeries it seems your never far away from a good bakery serving up brownies, Cupcakes, Whoopie pies etc…. and the style of cupcake focusing on flavour instead of the decorated sugarpaste top is the way i have chosen to go because as l also bake larger celebration cakes really l am getting the best of both worlds,( my site for the larger cakes is)

So as the cupcake is huge in the states and with the vast amount of digital channels showing programmes from all over the world some lovely Cupcake  businesses have come to my attention I love More, Sprinkles, Sift, baked and GeorgeTown cupcake as well as watching Cupcake Wars and not forgetting our very own Great British bake off which l love and is back on TV soon (woo hoo)

But inspiration also comes from reading through various baking books,wondering round the fruit and veg isle and even watching Master Chef and drooling at the TV and being inspired by their use of ingredients and flavour combinations.
My Chilli and Pineapple cupcakes was actually inspired by a dessert made by one of the contestants on Master Chef.


The process of creating flavor combinations I try and figure out in my head, get it jotted down and sometimes i can almost taste it, i know sounds weird or maybe I just like putting taste together that I like.

Well l have found an amazing book that I heard about on channel 4s Sunday brunch a couple weeks ago about pairing food with wine, well this book pairs food with food (flavour with flavour) and its called the flavour thesaurus

The Flavout Thesaurus

and its amazing and right up my street, I curled up on the sofa and was reading it like a novel, oohing and ahhing at the combinations I want to try and smiling when I came across a combination I had thought of and was already on my list.
So if your looking for recipes you won’t really find many but if your looking to use your creativity with food then this book is for you whether your a budding chef, enthusiastic home cook or baker its one book that is highly recommended to help you along with some fabulous creative bakes.

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