Kake and Cupkakery:The Store front


From my very first post of Adventures in Kakeland l have spoken of my desire to run my business full time, get into a store front, running a little Coffee shop where you can grab a coffee and a Cupkakery Cupcake plus other cakes and bakes, in a relaxed urban atmosphere,as well as Prepare all my celebration cakes on the premises so you can can come in store  get a consultation and order your Birthday/Wedding cake etc…. i have other ideas too but you’ll have to wait and see,

I would employ people from the local community and especially would look at employing young people, as i  get asked if i have any jobs or if i am aware of any organisations/businesses that do what i do that are also willing to employ young people? oh yes i have it all planned out.

So whats holding me back ???? like many small business it is the fear and the finance, the climate for small businesses is not the best but  many a time you hear starting a business in a recession can be a good move because if you can make it through the first 6 months your are more likely to succeed long term, as well as reading articles like this i found in my Twitter time line.

” Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones observes a shift in focus for start-up support and picks out two key recommendations from Lord Young’s Growth Report that she thinks could really make a difference to growing enterprises”

You can read more about the recommendations via the link


I  have no doubt my little business would be a great success (i have bucket loads of belief,experience and enthusiasm)

So overall its very encouraging, and with this in mind l have been keeping my eye on a new development, the regeneration of the old Rover site in into a new shopping center in South Birmingham, as that is where l have decided l want to be.

Why there ?? Well its in my community, it would be great to have something like this in south Birmingham instead of having to trek into the city,its a good location and the footfall will be great.

So i booked an appointment bearing in mind its basically still a building site i got suited and booted in my hi vis jacket and hard hat and off i tottered with the site manager (i actually wanted him to take a pic of me in my health and safety gear but that was way to girly) anyway that is when reality hit and the need to be in a shop become ever stronger, my visual image became crystal clear and i knew l have to make this happen.

After my viewing i then went to a social enterprise networking event at Bournville college

http: //www.socialenterprisewm.org.uk (which was just round the corner) where i also met an old work colleague from about 10 years ago as well as someone i met on a crafty skills workshop so was nice to see some familiar faces and see other small business and how they are progressing.

The reason for going was i as i mentioned i want to employ young people and i actually got quite inspired with peoples ideas of social enterprise and those that are up and running and all the different sectors that are involved in social enterprises.

So overall lots to think about and do, i,m  not standing still but it all adds to the excitement of what the future could sorry will hold.