So what’s your favorite baking programme ?


Its nearly time for the return of The Great British Bake Off  a nation will be hooked once again and the sales of baking tins and other baking paraphnalia will go through the roof, but apart from GBBO there doesn’t really seem to be that many UK baking specific or cake decorating programmes ( or are there some gems i havent come across) let me know as i am sure i am not the only one who loves these  types of programmes.

So luckily if you have cable, Sky, as well as the internet there seems to be a much wider choice of baking programmes and one of my absolute faves is  Unique Sweets you can find it on the food network.


So basically the premise of the programme is that every episode is based around a different theme such as, Brooklyn, Kids treats, Fruit, breakfast pastries and the list goes on.
The businesses (usually) independents are featured from all over America with
the programme presenters being bakers, writers, pastry chefs and food critics basically people in the know discussing some Unique Bakeries and businesses producing some truly delicious desserts, cakes and Bakes and you even get an insight into some of their methods

So as mentioned before in previous post I love American style baking it can be very subtle or just over the top and Unique Sweets represents this perfectly from highlighting the Japanese bakery Kyotofo that take deserts but add a savory Japanese ingredient

to the hugeee  donuts from the self titled doughnut man, who makes some amazing looking stuffed doughnuts


it really is a an eye opener into  American baking, it seems like there is a bake shop on every corner; i really do defy you not too watch and Drool.

So my other Cakey bakery programmes I love to watch are:

DC Cupcakes- Georgetown Cupcake –
Cake Boss – Carlos bakery –
Ace of cakes- Charm city cakes –
Cupcake wars –

Amazing Wedding cakes –

So i have made an executive decision and  decided we need some more UK based programmes for bakers and cake decorators as baking is just so huge in popularity and getting more popular by the day.

So if a programme maker just happens to be reading this post from a cable network, BBC, ITV,  Ch 4  etc… and is looking for a 5ft 2″ Women, with a slight brummie twang who has a love of baking , bags, and Salsa ( the dance not the dip)
look no further as I am hereeeeeee,well you cant blame a girl for trying.

So tell me what’s your favorite baking programme??? or vote on your favorite Baker

you can leave your comments and programme suggestions below

Start up Britain: Start up food

Thursday 4th July, a very sunny day Myself and my friend Ann went on a road trip to London for Start up Food organised by start up Britain
This was an event for foodie start ups, i cant tell you how excited i was about this event, all the advice any food business would want as well as an amazing list of speakers who were:


 -Luke Johnson, British serial entrepreneur
– Tessa Stuart, Packed
– Tim Roupell, ex-Daily Bread
– Cate Trotter, Insider Trends
– Mike Salter, We Are Pop Up

– Becky Jones, PopUp Britain

– Buyers from top high street chain Sainsburys

-Philip Dundas from Pipsdish

-Rekha Mehr Pistachio Rose

i was particulary inteseted in Pistachio Rose Founder  Rekha Mehr who managed to get her Pistachio Rose products into Fortnum and Mason, I was suitably vey impressed

So the subjects and speakers covered all aspects of running a food business from alternative sources of finance to alternate ways to start your business via pop ups and supper clubs, i was scribbling away and had the messiest group of notes but too many inspiring ideas to miss a thing

The floor was also  open for plenty of questions, and it was obvious that many foodie entrepreneurs where hoping to get some of the big players to hear out there ideas, the stampede that followed Luke Johnson when he left was not subtle to say the least (hope they caught up with him)

A few food producers bought with them some food samples where i got to try some of the most amazing Luxury Turkish Delight from a company called Gulluoglu  crammed full of pistachios, i am not usually a Turkish delight fan but that might have just changed my mind

A huge fail on my part was why i didn’t  take cake?? (and in the voice of Homer Simpson, Doh)
Anyway 2 of my favorite parts of the day was listening to Philip Dundas From pips dish,who opened up a pop up restaurant in a garage, yes a garage, how cool is that,  he came across so humorous and  passionate about what he does me an Ann were truly in awe

And the 2nd part was very dragons den 5 foodie entrepreneurs pitched there foodie products to 3 buyers from sainsburys with the hope of getting there products onto supermarrket shelves.

I admired them all for having the courage to pitch not just in front of the buyers but also in front of a room full of strangers, I wish them all the very best of luck.

Coming from a hospitality background i did find the focus was quite heavily geared towards retail operations, and some manufacturing but thats not to say the advice wasnt still applicable, the speakers all seemed like experts in there field and were happy to share advice, i came away with my head buzzing full of ideas and it certainly made me think.

i think there may be more start up food events in the future so check out the site or look out for them on Twitter.
Start up Britain will also be on tour with their start up Britain tour bus so if you get chance check out the site to see where they will be next

Oh forgot to mention also got chance to visit the Amazing Borough Market, OMG amazing foodie heaven.well worth a visit