I Got my Tappit on

Curious title i know, so what are Tappits i hear you ask???


FMM Tappits
FMM Tappits

Well They are a notoriously tricky ( well i think so) set of cutters used for lettering, numbers and shapes.
Tricky because your paste has to be just at the right thickness to get a clean finish, as well as removing them cleanly so you keep that lovely neat look.

I admit i have a love hate relationship with tappits, don’t get me wrong if you can perfect the technique you will love the look.
The lettering looks so neat and clean, but you have got to get the lettering out first and with me they were either getting stuck, removed and misshaped or they would go flying when being removed and i  would often end up sweeping up an alphabet of letters strewn across my kitchen.

So after another session of getting the letters stuck (again) i lost the plot and decided enough is enough, i am not going to win this battle so the best thing for me and the tappits was to take take a break so they were dumped and i sadly put them away before one of us got hurt i.e me either deciding to snap them in half and strop off mumbling, how i hate tappits under my breath or i would have got a flying A stuck in my eye, so into “the draw” they went but i quickly rebounded with my trusty set of Jem cutters instead.

So for years they  languished in “the draw” the place where all the impulse sugarpaste equipment goes that have either:

a. never been used or
b. were used but was decided too much trouble and were deemed a bad purchase

But my fondness for the cutters was Rekindled on a visit to the Blue door bakery back in June to there lovely  studio and cake club,

We were practicing using various embossers and cutters when i heard ” does anyone want to use the tappits” #shiver “not likely i hate them” but with gentle persuasion i was coaxed to give them another try, and was shown a  whack the tappit method which is a much easier method, for removing the lettering, so here it is.

You will still need a little patience but here’s how to get your tappit on.

You will need

  • FMM Tappit cutters (the ones i have are upper case)
  • a little icing sugar or white fat
  • Mini rolling pin
  • sugarpaste or modelling paste ( used my free sample of Renshaws flower/modelling paste) very nice
  • Cutting board or smooth surface to roll out the paste


1. roll out your sugar paste

2.  to a thickness of about 1mm

3. If you have the tappit strip cut out strips and  leave for a minute

20130827-213453.jpg      20130827-213516.jpg
4. using your tappit horizontally but moving down the strip vertically cut out a letter

5. Using your mini rolling pin tap sharply on the back of the cutter to allow the letter to pop out

6. Voila one tappit letter, and continue until you get the quantity you need


You can then leave your letters to dry overnight and then using edible glue or water stick into place.

So I have now realised not to fear the Tappits we are friends again and you ll be happy to know they have now been relocated to the active cutter draw where i get my tappit on regularly with no fuss at all.

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