National Cupcake week – 2013


In case you didn’t know Monday 16th September is National cupcake week http//

A week long celebration of all things Cupcake.
From Cafes, Bakeries, hobbyist and Home bakers we will all be baking up a storm.

The week long event also raises money for Clic Sargent a charity for children with Cancer

Cupcake week allows all bakers a chance to enter the National cupcake championships to find the best cupcake in the land.

The categories are:
Free from

I have entered 3 categories and I am keeping fingers crossed that one of my entries makes the final.

So how are cupcakes doing, and is there still a demand??

From my experience cupcakes are not a fad, they are well and truly here to stay, but rather than it be “ooh you bought cupcakes” it will be ooh you bought cupcakes from ………. ( insert preferred choice)

“Cupcakes have never been more in vogue, with a small army of professional bakers successfully launching their own businesses on the back of this delicious classic,” says Martyn Leek, editor of British Baker.

“It is the creative, entrepreneurial start-up business idea of the moment with many people dipping their toe in by catering for events, farmers’ markets or through the web. The sheer level of innovation in this sector is reflected in the 2013 National Cupcake Week Championships. All of our finalists are leading the way in trends, taste and style – and bakers out there should prepare for the new wave of exciting cupcakes now coming through.”


I use my Facebook page and twitter presence to promote my fortnightly Sit back kick back cupkakery cupcake Friday, this allows me to promote my business as well as experimenting with new flavours etc….. So customers can be the first to try new cupcakes.
Mid week is usually #FlavourReveal and then deliveries are made on a Friday and occasional Saturday.
You can check my page out at

So it is up to us cupcake bakers to keep being innovative and exciting and for all our customers this cupcake week to have fun,support your local cupcake baker and enjoy a cupcake or two or three.

Next stop national baking day in October

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