I got through


If you read my previous post about National cupcake week you will know I entered 3 categories for the chance to get though to the final of the Cupcake championships, it since transpires I actually entered two, (don’t think they received my 3rd) anyway received notification via email at the airport on my way home from my relaxing late summer holiday. I knew the 16th September was the reveal day so had a mixture of nerves and excitement to see if my cupcakes had made the grade.
A few days later still on a high i received two letters, the first saying my chocolate baileys vodka martini cupcake

they are ones above
Chocolate Vodka baileys martini cupcake (above)
Strawbery cheescake cupcakes (below)

didn’t make it, (sad times) but the other letter saying my Teddy bears picnic themed cupcakes got through (good times) , therefore I am now in the Pro Bakers themed category and I am over the moon.
The final will be held at Cake International in November and in case you don’t know cake international is an annual event held at the NEC in Birmingham which is a cake maker/ Decorators paradise.
Not only can you purchase every conceivable piece of kit for baking and decorating cakes, but there are chances to exhibit your work by entering various competitions which have a number of different categories. Of which I think I’m also going to enter, but which category ?? I have yet to decide, but have some ideas in mind.

So if your planning on going to cake international this year here are my top tips for going

  •  Wear flat shoes – the event is huge with lots of walking and standing so be comfy
  •  Wear light clothing- or removable layers it gets really warm in there
  • Take a camera- not condoning plagiarism but you can certainly get some ideas
  •  Make a list- I did this last year and was very restraint (well to a degree) but be prepared you will make the odd impulse purchase, it’s inevitable and let me just say I still have some mini shoe cutters from about 3 years ago that I still haven’t used yet (nuff said about that)
  •  Suppliers – when researching for my business I was seeking a particular cupcake box that was difficult to find but luckily found a supplier at the show that stocked exactly what I wanted so use the show as a way to seek out new contacts and suppliers
  •  Food and drink- they do have food stalls but theirs nothing wrong with a little picnic certainly saves queuing leaves more time for browsing.
  •  Best day to visit? – in all the years I have gone I have chosen Sunday to attend which is certainly still busy but a little less than Saturday ( from what I hear)
  • And lastly I have seen some people take those mini pull along  suitcases for purchases, (they certainly mean business) so could be an idea if you plan on purchasing a lot

So Overall it’s a fab day and even if your not that much into cake it’s well worth a visit

2 thoughts on “I got through

  1. Not being a baker myself you have kinda inspired me to go. Not sure if it’s because I am considering joining the cupcake band wagon or if I just want to indulge in my own sweet cupcake heaven … Yum yum. Any idea if there will be a weight watchers exhibition by any chance…?!!

    1. Lol, no weight watchers stand that I’m aware of, didn’t you know all cakes are fat free 😋but it’s a brilliant day so I would get yourself a ticket, and jump on the cupcake bandwagon, more the merrier 🙂

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