You think this has nothing to do with you

I’m re blogging this post I wrote a couple years ago, so excuse some of the cakes trends that have passed and made way for newer ones but basically it’s all about how trends in fashion have an impact upon the cake industry and influence what we do.

So if you didn’t know this years  colour of the year according to Panetone is Marsala 

  And if I’m honest I haven’t really Seen much of this shade coming through on cake design as it’s quite an autumnal colour I feel and would be perfectly matched with maybe a shimmering  gold colour but here are some other colour match suggestions.  

So to get the perfect match you can also use something like a colour chart such as the panetone swatch chart (you can find them on eBay) or even those cute colour cards you can find in DIY store.

Because as we all know if a customer ask (for example) a lilac wedding cake to match their wedding theme there are many variations to choose from and taking the time to match the colour as close as possible is a great way to give great customer service.


Anyway my original post is below, hope you enjoy and feel free to comment or share .

Curious title eh, well if you watch the clip further down it will make a bit more sense

Well how are you? Personally i am getting over a cold at the moment  (Boo) which is keeping me from baking but has got me in front of my desk.

So my blog post is a few days late, (don’t worry if you didn’t notice) but i try and write a blog post every couple of weeks. about my adventures in Kakeland.

So flicking through my Facebook news feed the other day I noticed pictures of colour coordinated shoes, cakes and clothes were popping up on my timeline.
They were being posted by Nico who is a small business owner who I met at a networking event a couple years ago. I discovered that her business is shoes, she designs a bespoke range of ladies footwear and you can follow her business on Facebook or follow her business on twitter she also recently got through to the final of the Midlands fashion awards and also has her shoes on Esty with her Unique bespoke shoes,a very talented and creative woman.


So with all these pics it got me thinking how important the use of colour is when decorating cakes and how the cake world just like the fashion world goes through various colour and style trends.
And by coincidence A couple weeks ago on Channel 4s Sunday brunch they had on Karen Haller  talking about the psychology of colour and how there are a group of influencers who basically discuss colour and forecast colour trends.

Colour is so influential in branding that big companies want to know how the correct use of colour can influence choice, reflect our mood, decide what colour cars we want and how are homes will be decorated, you get the drift.
So It’s amazing how fashion and colour influences everything and often you don’t even realise it, this clip from The Devil wears Prada represents this perfectly, its the the Cerulean blue belt scene.

Anyway back to cake, like other industries the cake world has it’s fashion and trends too,

For example in 2011/2012 it was all about the nude shoe, everyone including royalty was wearing nude court shoes, I remember this as I was asked to make some cupcakes and use a similar colour to replicate that nude shade.



 From Chevron striped cakes, ruffles cakes,Wonky cakes, and most recently naked cakes these are trends I have noticed


Ruffle Cake

Wonky Cake 

 So without  thinking about it colour has an influence that some times it’s so unconscious we don’t even notice.

Below are the group of colours that according to Pantone

will  influence the fashion world Spring/Summer 2014


We will then as cake decorators see these colours crop up in event and wedding themes which then can influence cake choice and design which will then influences colour choice etc etc……
So let’s watch and see which colors our customers will be loving next year, i think i am liking the violet tulip,Paloma, placid blue and Sand.

Which ones do you like??