Happy new year, I know it’s a bit late (a bit like this blog post) but as the saying goes “better late than never” anyway how was your christmas? Mine was the most relaxed I have had in about 3 years.
I decided to be strict with myself by being firm with my acceptance of cake orders, cut off dates for orders etc…… I have been known to finish off a cake christmas morning but that frankly had to stop, after all having a little business that you love is as much about getting a decent work life balance as it is to build it and see it grow. My work life balance still isn’t perfect but has improved a little bit.

So another year with New Years resolutions, do you make any ?
I didn’t, I just aim to continue what I’m doing but just set some smart achievable goals for me and the business to help keep me focused.

One of my goals for this year was to start a # hashtag for sugarcrafters, on Twitter to network, share knowledge and tips

During 2013 I followed and contributed to a few hashtags conversations such as:

They are a fun and an excellent way not only to network but to seek advice, ask questions to other like minded people who are interested in the same things you are.
I noticed that this kind of open forum for sharing happens a lot on Facebook as I follow a few cake/sugarcraft pages where it is positively encouraged to share pics, tutorials, recipes, and since I’m such a big fan of twitter I thought a #SugarCraftHour would be a good idea and hopefully well received by us cakey types

⚫️ so it will be every Sunday between 1-2pm
⚫️Tweet whatever you like related to sugarcraft and baking (I’m sure we can all help find a solution to a cake dilemma)
⚫️Ask questions
⚫️Promote your business
⚫️And be sure to use #SugarCraftHour in every tweet so we can keep the conversation going
⚫️And if you miss it don’t worry, I will publish the whole conversation an hour later on twitter so you can catch up

So spread the word, RT to your network and let’s have some sugarcraft fun.