Equipment you never knew you needed for cake decorating

Last year I wrote about the essentials you need for decorating cakes, things like a rolling pin (check) pastes colours (check) cake smoother (check) and the list goes on, but also there are some not so obvious tools of the cake decorating trade that you’ll find in your local DIY store rather than your sugarcraft store.

So do you have a:

Spirit level-not everyone uses one but if your looking for nice level cakes when your crumb coating and your torting your cake a spirit level will make like sooooooo much easier.

Mini hacksaw- I use mine for cutting plastic tubing and cake dowels, a few saws and a snap and your dowels are cut to size and ready for your cake

Artist tools- A visit to the Discount bookstore the Works  i realised you can buy a set of artist tools like mini palette knifes, which are so handy for picking up fiddly lettering and cut outs

Pliers- bend it twist it, you will find these useful for thicker pieces of florist wire especially the thicker gauge wires

Wire cutter- I think mine is actually a wire stripper ( answers on a postcard please) but I use mine for snipping thinner gauge wire and lolly pop sticks which i use for modelling figures support

Cereal boxes- so handy for helping prop up bits of modelling work and drying items like butterflies, just bend into a “W” shape

Face mask- with all that flour and icing sugar flying around can be helpful especially if you have allergies

Glue stick and double sided tape- I Used to use double sided tape but a glue stick is more effective for sticking ribbon around the base of your drum board safely, neatly and securely

Paper or plastic Tape measures- needed to measure around cakes especially if adding things like sugarpaste strips etc.., (a certain Swedish furniture store does the paper ones)

Tool box- when I did my first ever course I use to carry my sugarcraft toolbox with me, I still have a few now for storing ribbons,cutters etc…, and they are so handy to keep your emergency cake decorating kit in when your out delivering cakes  but be warned you’ll outgrow it very quickly

So that’s my list but if you can think of any other unusual items you use for cake decorating please share.

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