Getting my Bake on

Chocolate a Brownie

image   Spring has sprung and I’m baking in daylight, it might sound odd but running my biz in my spare time means lots of twilight baking sessions so at last I can see the light. But just when I thought the days will feel longer the clocks go back and we lose an hour-oh well can’t have it all. So what have I been upto? I’ve been throwing a lot of effort into working on a business plan, just to help me focus on how I’m going to move forward because as you can imagine not working in my biz full time things can take twice as long. The orders are still coming in and my  fortnightly promotion Sit back kick back Cupkakery Cupcake  Friday is still going strong, but the most significant development you might already be aware of (if you follow my facebook page)  http://facebook/Cupkakery is that I’ve recently began supplying cakes to a local Coffee shop Called Ashton Levi Twitter @AshtonLeviCo I  was contacted before Christmas regarding supplying this new business and after meeting up it was clear to see the Passion Mel has not only for Coffee but also serving quality coffee, it was evident that she clearly knows her stuff. I was so excited for her, a new business doing something she is passionate about and at last south Birmingham gets to drink some decent coffee without having to travel to Moseley, Harborne and the city as believe it or not outside of these areas we actually can appreciate a good coffee. So my challenge was to bake a selection of cakes that will compliment her business as well as the coffee she serves, This in itself has bought with it a new set of challenges

  • deliveries are frequent, so lots of organisation is needed to ensure Mel gets what she wants when customers need it.
  • A different pricing model as I’m now a supplier
  • I am purchasing even more in bulk such as ingredients and supplies, need more space – helppppppp
  • How will I make deliveries? Luckily for me when I can’t make it Mum comes to the rescue
  • keeping myself fit and healthy so I can keep up with the pace

But  what I’m really enjoying and makes me realise how much I love baking is all the different cakes and bakes that are in and out of my oven, I have bought many books, especially American baking books that I don’t always get chance to bake what I want and my family can only eat so much cake,so now I’m getting a chance to bake loads of new cakes. Fudgy American style brownies, Red Velvet layer Cake, Intensely dark Double Chocolate loaf cake, the sweet and nutty Peanut butter jelly cake as well as Cupcakes, Fruity Muffins, oh I could go on and the heady smell of butter, chocolate and spices is finding it’s way to every nook and cranny of my home, ( I must apologise to neighbours) but overall it’s great, it’s been another learning curve and a hugeeeeeee step towards me fulfilling my goal of working full time in my biz and seeing this as even more practice for my shop/Bakery. So if you want to try some cake and some truly amazing coffee in a relaxed environment get yourself down to Longbridge town centre, you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “Getting my Bake on

  1. Brilliant news about supplying the coffee shop! The only way I found out was that Tim went there preopening – like he does! Looking forward to going there myself!

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