Not quite a Merveilleaux

Hi all, it’s been a while since my last post ( I was doing so well too) it’s just I have been so busy working in the business and as usual not enough time working on it hence behind with my post.

So what’s been going on? I’m currently still supplying the coffee shop along with continuing to supply my own customers with endless supplies of celebration cakes and Cupcakes, I’ve been working on a business plan as well as networking, and have been considering joining Birmingham Chamber of commerce to move things forward even more.

So with this post I’m sharing my attempt at making a dessert inspired by a French Merveilleaux

So me and the Merveilleaux came to be after a Twitter conversation with Bruno from a Brunos Bakes and Coffee, he mentioned in a tweet he was making some giant Merveilleaux and quite honestly I was intrigued, as I hadn’t heard of them before.

here are the links for the social media profiles of Brunos bakes and coffee

So after some googling I discovered they are French desserts that originate from a traditional recipe in the Northern region of France.

It is meringue,sandwich together with whipped cream and then covered in chocolate shavings.

20140614-183539-66939374.jpg traditional Merveilleaux

Now as well as a love of Cake I adore meringues they are just so right for serving in the summer months when you want something a little sweet but are so light and crisp, they are pretty hard to resist, as well as been low in fat (without the cream of course) and gluten free.

In the summer months I am partial to making my Brown sugar Meringues with crushed hazlenuts topped with dollops of thick double cream and and loads of summer fruit so really what’s not to love.
I even have a copy of the Meringue Girls cook book which is simply gorgeous and definitely worth a read



So back to the Merveilleaux the day I decided to make one the weather was glorious so really there was no better day to give it a try and since I had some strawberries and raspberries in the fridge I decided a summer homage to the traditional mervilleaux was a must.

So to start I made some meringue
Here is the recipe I used:

4 medium egg whites at room temperature
225g caster sugar
1tsp vinegar
You will also need some soft fruit of your liking
Double or whipping cream
A little extra caster sugar
Vanilla extract
A piping bag
Palette knife
Parchment paper
And something to serve it on.

So to begin with Whip the egg whites until they start to froth, slowly add caster sugar and when all the sugar is added add a teaspoon of white vinegar, your meringues should be thick and glossy.

I then piped the meringue into three disks, onto baking parchment that is secured on top of a baking tray.

***tip*** draw around a side plate on your baking parchment so the disc of meringue are the same.

Then bake for approx 3 hours on a low heat, basically the lowest heat setting of your oven


Make some chantilly cream with vanilla and a little caster sugar, I love Neilson Massey vanilla it’s a bit pricey but you can definitely taste why vanilla Extract





To stop the meringue moving I piped a little onto the centre of the board’ and then added the first meringue layer and then pipe a circle of cream />20140614-191223-69143677.jpg


Add some chopped fruit and repeat the process once more




Now you carefully need to smother the whole of this deliciousness in the whipped cream with a palette knife, this is tricky as the meringue is so delicate


When completed cover in some chopped white chocolate and decorate with more fruit


Ta dah a summer fruit Mervilleaux aka Meringue gateaux, and so I had to tweet Bruno to see what he thinks, and the verdict


To be continued………. 🙂



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