Just “Do it”

No this isn’t sponsored by that well known sports shoe company but rather the title of an action I must do.

My business went official very early in 2012 and when I mean official I mean in registering all aspects of the legal requirements for my business and creating my own little brand.

In that time I have seen myself go from a hobbyist to a micro cakepreneur with big ideas, I mean really big ideas as I feel I have gone from strength to strength.

This is partly down some amazing support I get from all aspects of my life, from my family delivering my orders, as well as supporting in other ways,to friends and customers coming back to me with orders and recommending me to others, plus all the new contacts I’ve made through networking who I consider friends too, as well as baking some half decent cakes even if I say so myself.

I have trialled a good amount of cupcake flavours, made mistakes, had nightmare cakes that won’t co operate,made celebration cakes that do, got red velvet mix up the walls ( don’t ask ) made lots of other bakes, networked, been to workshops, researched and now I’m stuck.

I am stuck because I feel I can’t move forward because of the day job, the very same day job that is keeping a roof over my head and the bills paid that the very thought of giving up this security scares me A lot , but on the other hand the very thought of working for myself makes me tingle, that it overrides a lot of that anxiety, and if you have or have ever thought about running your own business you will understand exactly where I am coming from.

So how do I know it’s time?

In conversation last week someone said to me

“if you were going to do it you would have done it by now”

So I thought “Do it” did this person mean start a business??? Because if they did then what have I been doing for the past 18 months ?? ***Scratches head***

So by “Do it” do they realise:
-The stopping up till the early hours finishing off orders
-Getting a business name and website created
-Me engaging with customers and other businesses on social media
-Working frantically to get the finances up to date for the accountant before the clock strikes January
-The numerous networking I have done
-The numerous events I have done to raise my profile
-The cakes I have sold
-The coffee shop I supply
-the sacrifices that have been made
-maintaining health, a positive attitude and a work life balance
-The driving to collect supplies
The list goes on………………..

Us 5-9 ers have a very challenging time, there are many I know hold down a full time job as well as work very hard to work on our passions to build a biz in our spare time.

But I know I’m being pedantic as I know they mean leave the day job but it’s funny as last year and even the year before that I felt I was ready, but being where I am today I know I wasn’t because it’s only now I really feel ready, I have learnt so much even more in the first part of this year alone.

So I think it’s time I “Do it” I have some time off from the day job, and a lot of things planned for this week, so even if it may seem there’s not much happening there is usually loads going on behind the scenes.

You sometimes don’t realise what you’ve until you see it laid out oh and excuse some of the screen shots ๐Ÿ™‚










So here is it is the beginning of the next stage and the real adventure in Kakeland begins, wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Just “Do it”

    1. Ideally Would like to take the plunge, as taking job down to part time I can’t see how it would work with my Bakery/Coffee shop idea so need to try really hard to pursue my dream ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. EXCITING! Just let me know how I can help! We’re all here for you! Anything for the lady who created my cake of the year (so far)!

  1. Kakeandcupkakery.. I think this blog should be a published into a book. I truly sat with a cup of tea racing through your blog to find out what you finally decided to do. The only thing missing I guess was one of your cupcakes. What ever you decide to do I am sure you have your readers and die hard customers like me to support you. You go girl! Cx

    1. Thanks carol
      I’m glad it’s being read and love the book comment ๐Ÿ™‚ the blog is something I really enjoy writing and never thought I would stick to it either but it’s a routine, well nearly,will nearly be time for my next post

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