Product Review: Sugar and Crumbs flavoured Icing sugars

This is my first product review on my blog, (ooh get me) I really should do more and always meant to write some on on lots of different items so if your reading this and want me to try a product or try a new piece of equipment etc…. feel free to get in touch, anything cake/Sugarcraft related count me in.

Anyway I digress, this post is all about a new product I offered to try after a call out for bloggers to try a couple of new flavoured Icing sugars being launched by a family run business called Sugar and Crumbs, they specialise in flavoured icing sugar, flavored cocoa powders all with natural flavorings.

I had actually heard about these icings sugars from various cakey people and kept seeing them popping up on post across social media so was intrigued from the start but never that tempted to try and only because I tend to build different layers of flavour in my cakes and buttercreams using fresh fruit purées, Belgian chocolate etc…. so when the opportunity came to try some samples of the flavoured icing sugars I jumped at the chance.

The two flavours I was asked to try was the Chocolate Milkshake  and Jaffa twist icings.

Chocolate Milkshake Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar

Jaffa Twist Natural Flavoured Chocolate Icing Sugar

I planned to use as flavoured buttercream on some cupcakes of which As well as testing myself I would get some other cakey reviewers who regularly buy my sit back kick back cupcakes, (what’s sit back kick back I hear you cry) read about my sit back promotion here

So back to the icing, the packaging is lovely, which comes in resealable bags and in convenient 250g packs. They also do larger bags for wholesale which might appeal more to cakey businesses than the smaller packs which would be perfect for home bakers and hobbyist.


The back of the packs has all the information you would expect and labelled really clearly.
you can see the icing through the bag of which is almost mocha in colour but darkens to a more fudgy chocolaty brown when mixed.

When you open the bag you get a delicate whiff of orange and chocolate, no clumps or caking of the sugar which you can sometimes get with other brands of icing sugar

I made the buttercream in an equal quantity recipe of:
250g unsalted butter
250g pack of flavoured icing sugar
Couple tablespoons of Boiled water

I very rarely make the 2:1 buttercream as I find it too sweet so decided to make the buttercream in a 50:50 ratio.

The icing mixed really well and gave a light and fluffy buttercream, my fave out the two was the Jaffa twist, the Chocolate milkshake was nice but the chocolate flavour is very light and delicate replicating a milky chocolate milkshake.

I then created a chocolate milkshake cupcake which was a vanilla cake base with a swirl of chocolate milkshake buttercream and decorated with milk bottle sweets and a retro paper straw.


The second was a Jaffa cake cupcake, Chocolate Cake filled with orange curd and finished with a swirl of chocolate orange buttercream and a mini Jaffa cake.


The icings would be great dusted over puddings and pies and also used as a glaze on cakes, doughnuts and biscuits and would be perfect for flavoured macarons as well as of course making flavoured buttercream.

So if your looking to add a little flavour to your sweet treats I would recommend you give sugar and crumbs icings a try.