Happy new year

happy new year script

Well another year beckons, have you made any New Years resolutions yet? Or is it too early to be thinking about all that? christmas and new year are always times to reflect on the the year you’ve had and more often than not thinking about things to change in the new year.
Well Looking back 2014 was a very busy year for Kake and cupkakery, I was once again in the final of the Cupcake championship,
I had a feature in the Guardian paper with my Sit back kick back cupkakery cupcake Friday, I started suppyling a coffee shop, was featured as one of Brums bakeries to try by I choose birmingham and as for Christmas #Cakeageddon

So for 2015 I will be setting business goals as well as personal goals, and one of the goals I was planning for last year was a change of logo and a new website so I’ve managed to acheive for this year so have had a bit of a overhaul.

If you have been following my blog you will know that my business has two sides to it, Kake- celebration cakes and Cupkakery- Dessert style cupcakes. They both have separate identities, separate websites as I was testing wether one brand was stronger than the other and keeping and them separate it allowed me to see how they performed but hey presto they both hold there own pretty well so after a couple years of running my business it now makes sense to bring them together under one umbrella and yes you guessed it the new name Kake and Cupkakery.

I’ve had my logo redesigned from the same Company who designed my other logos who did a fab job, check them out http://www.kingpin.co.uk and I hope you like it.

Also there is a new website http://www.kakeandcupkakery.co.uk to accompany this brand overhaul.
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Everything more or else will continues regarding my offering of the celebration cakes and the cupcakes but also into the mix will be layer cakes, more cupcake workshops, tutorials and participating in various events.Even my blog has had a mini overhaul and I haven’t forgotten about my long term goal of a shop front ( work in progress)
So thanks for reading and continuing with me on my adventure in Kakeland who knows what 2015 will bring.


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