Things to remember

Nearly the end of January and l am just writing my first post of 2015, its a bit later than i wanted but as they say better late than never.
So after a teeny tiny break after what was Christmas cakeageddon its back to ovens roll.

So the first couple weeks into January saw my first cake delivery of 2015 which just so happened to be a wedding cake with mixed flavoured tiered with a design brief of a very classic style wedding cake decorated with Ruby red roses and swags.


To decorate the cake I used Red wine beau flower paste, I’m a bit of a convert to this flowerpaste which comes in a fab range of colours and doesn’t dry to quickly so giving you plenty of time to use before it dries out. The roses were unwired and made petal by petal as i know there are so many different methods to make roses but this method gives great results.


The cake covering l used was Culpitt sugarpaste, I do tend to use either Bako paste or Culpitt but Culpitt just pips it for me, slightly more pricey compared to other paste but i like the way it covers which doesn’t graze or give that elephant skin effect.

Both paste come in Ivory or white, I used the Ivory as this was chosen by the client and was a very good choice.

Anyway all went well with delivery and set up and l arrived at the venue and received some lovely comments from the venue staff, so after having a quick chat i headed off home but then as I was half way l sudden realised arghhhh forgot to take a pic of the cake set up but luckily for me the mother of the bride kindly sent me a picture of the cake. So with this in mind it made me think about things to remember when delivering a Wedding cake.

  • Emergency kit – Edible glue, cocktail sticks, royal icing, extra roses, what ever you have used on your cake always have extra in your emergency kit incase anything goes a miss upon arrival at the venue.
  • Camera or phone – make sure you have your batteries or phoned charged up
  • Two hands are better than one- Never underestimate how heavy wedding cakes can be so you may need a helping hand or two or three
  • Sat Nav- Country hotels, Golf clubs, wedding venues in general can sometimes be off the beaten track so be prepared
  • Order form –  I always take the original order form with me including the wedding planners phone numbers as sometimes its only the set up staff that will be at the venue and the front door isn’t always open so always give them a quick call if that’s the case.

If you have any other suggestions about things to remember please feel free to comment.