Cupcakes no longer a fad?

It’s National Cupcake week this week so I’m reblogging this blog post from s couple years ago.

On my Twitter feed a couple weeks ago I came across a list of the 101 best Cupcakes in America And it got me thinking so many years on and cupcakes are still here after many people put them down to being a fad.

So with this the cupcake was supposed to be over thrown with the cake pop, whoopie pies and Macarons, but in my opinion Macarons are exempt as they truly are a classic so dont deserve to be put into the fad category.

And then there was the cronut the croissant and doughnut hybrid, created by Chef Dominique Ansel and actually is now a trademarked pastry item for his New York Bakery.


But through this the cupcake staying power has remained due to its hardcore fans. You only have to look at the list to see in America they are still as popular as ever.

Here are a few from the list that I have followed and lusted over

        I love these list, I love to see what our American  cousins are up to regarding Cupcakes.

I remember watching an episode of Sex and the City (i am such a huge fan) and watched how Carrie and Miranda tucked into Cupcakes while Carrie confessed she had a crush on Aiden (told you i was a fan) and the Cupcakes they were tucking into were Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes.

Based in New York City Magnolia bakery are famed with being responsible for the beginning of our love of Cupcakes and they are famous for their candy coloured buttercream and distinctive buttercream swirl, a true New York institution.

you can watch Magnolia Bakery – Putting frosting on there cupcakes here using a spatula, I’ve tried this method but not very successful at achieving it.(will stick to my nozzles)

But  In the UK we have our own little army of Cupcake bakeries flying the flag


Peggy Porschen
Including yours truly Kake and Cupkakery

The Cupcake part of my business is as popular as ever and  I love to create new flavours and some of my creations are below.

 Of course Cupcakes still they have their haters who say they are too sweet etc…. but they have moved on so much and the UK appetite for these little cakes is still alive and well.

 You can get boozy ones, gluten free ones, eggless cakes and it’s not just regular buttercream anymore,cupcakes can be topped with whipped ganache, Italian meringue buttercream, filled with caramel or flavored buttercream, crush oreos into the buttercream, top with meringue the possibilities are endless. So much so I’m surprised that they don’t feature in cake week on the great British bake off. 

Even the Telegraph reported our love for anything red, notably Red velvet and you cannot beat a red velvet cupcake topped with a silky smooth cream cheese buttercream.

Also in the UK Cupcakes are celebrated Every year of which this week is National Cupcake week

This Annual celebration of cupcakes also has a Cupcake Championship with different category’s for bakers to enter their cupcake creations and every year it just keeps  getting better.

I myself entered in 2013,2014 and 2015 and made it to the final on all occasions.

So Cupcakes a fad? How can they be they are just a little cake.

So my verdict I don’t think so but what do you think?


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