Me Time

Running a small business sometimes you can’t see the wood through the trees, and more often than not this army of one man bands do everything from marketing, sales, creating our products, or delivering our services so it can be tricky to take a step back and assess.

So occasionally i want to chat about ideas I am thinking about for the business and like to bounce these ideas around abit.

Any ideas will usually get its first airing on a Sunday with our weekly family ritual of dinner and catch up,but we are usually so boisterous and busy talking about what kind of week we’ve had it doesn’t really matter.

Then it’s friends, that is  why I like to meet up/catch up with some of my friends who also have small businesses. We are specialist in different industry’s but that doesn’t mean we cannot learn from each other and share ideas, tips, etc…..

In one of my past post I have mentioned that I have been on numerous workshops with who delivers 1:1s and business workshops for small business, she is very inspiring and her workshops are fun, interesting and affordable. 

But as well as this I wanted to get a mentor as I felt it was important for me to be able to step away from my business be objective  and talk through ideas with someone else who isn’t biased towards me.

So I found a mentor through Mentors Me  Http:// back in early 2014.  

 After my initial request I had a chat with a lady called Christine Dryden from mentors me who then proceeded to find me a mentor.

My mentor is from an area totally unrelated to me, actually he is from the finance and banking sector, absolutely nothing to do with cakes so there is no conversation about straight edges with ganache cakes or where to bulk buy boxes, it’s purely about my biz margins, marketing etc….. and you might think shouldn’t it be the opposite but in fact it’s perfect as he doesn’t know anything about me or my business.

So a typical meeting usually last about an hour or slightly more and involves me discussing all things Kake and Cupkakery, things that have gone well and things that have not gone so well, ideas I have implemented. New ideas I have, which direction I’m now heading in, the conversation goes everywhere.

My mentors input is that he bounces things back to me, makes me think and consider options as well as look at other sectors for ideas.

I really do enjoy the meetings and one thing I have realised is how the business evolves by itself as when we recap from previous meetings it’s clear that other opportunities have been explored which makes me realise the business certainly hasn’t gone in a straight line at all.

So a mentor isn’t for everyone but it certainly is something worth considering

So who do you go to to bounce ideas off????

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