The strangest cake I’ve made

You might be thinking there’s nothing strange or unusual about this cake, it’s chocolate right? but their are a few unusual ingredients that makes this a little different,but also this cake contains no butter, margarine or regular sugar, has egg in the form of egg white.This is in fact a Chocolate peppermint protein cake, yep you read it right protein cake.

A couple weeks ago I received a request to make a protein cake for a fitness fan and even though I was stumped by the request I was also a little intrigued (I love a challenge) and surely such a thing must exist, if you can get protein bars and brownies surely protein cakes must exist.

So I began researching for protein cakes because I knew this was going to be made in a very different way from a regular cake and I’m no protein cake expert. So I was quite amazed to see so many protein themed websites with some truly amazing recipes for treats that look totally yummy.

And If you read my last post you will know How I described baking as chemistry you can eat but without the usual alchemy of mixing flour-eggs-sugar-butter/margarine I wasn’t that confident of the outcome. Anyway feeling determined I continued on with my quest and came across some great sites such as :

I finally settled on a recipe for Chocolate mint protein cupcakes from Proteinology and looked into the ingredients I will be needing.

I did have to purchase some items that are not familiar to my cake cupboards but I did have a couple new ingredients in my cupboard simply because I have begun trying to understand how to fuel my body pre and post workout as well as aiming to eat better, I’m a recent convert to Lucy Bee Coconut Oil as well understanding that’s some fats are good for us not bad and am fully aware that some people are avoiding sugar so I’m educating myself, but personally believe in a balance so yes I’m still eating cake.

So luckily my protein powder and coconut flour got used in a new and unique way

As well as this I also used a sugar substitute  almond flour and almond milk

So armed with my ingredients I proceeded to make the cake. Now in the method it does state to use silicone muffin cases (which I don’t have) and thought paper cases would suffice but my oh my the cake batter was very liquidy so at the last minute I decided to convert to a layer cake, so made 2 separate batches and baked 4 layers. The bake took a total of an hour 2×30 mins to bake.

The filling was made with  0%Fage yoghurt which is

Fat free

High in protein

Suitable for Diabetics

Suitable for Vegetarians

As well as the sugar substitute and coconut flour, plus a dash of peppermint essence and a little green colour. It tasted so fresh, I was pleasantly surprised.

I had saved the chocolate chips from the recipe to use as the drizzle decoration on top..

So cakes made, filling done, assembled I stood back, I was rather pleased, for my first try it looked fab.

I tweeted my cake and added Proteinology to my tweet

And as I eagerly awaited feedback on the cake, the customer left a review on my Facebook page Kake and Cupkakery which made my day, it went down very well and also tasted fab.

The cake got a really good response on social media and I’ve had a few enquiries for the cake from health conscious people who still want cake. So I’m feeling inspired to explore this further and to add a small range to my current offering of celebration cakes,cupcakes and layer cakes.

So regardless everyone can eat cake.

Baking it’s good for the soul 

I don’t know what it is but I find baking so relaxing and in fact I believe it’s good for the soul.

I bake because it’s my business but actually I bake because I love it.I find it therapeutic and love the end result, i always get a little rush of adrenaline when i take that perfect bake out of the oven, and mutter to myself “now that’s a sexy bake”

And it is often said baking is a science closely related to chemistry in fact its basically chemistry you can eat. You see i believe anyone can bake and the reason some people believe they cannot is in my opinion that they either skip a process or don’t weigh anything, you cannot just throw ingredients together, you have to carefully weigh your ingredients, beat, fold,whisk, be gentle or knead to within an inch of your life so whether its bread, pastry,or cakes be patient and you will get the perfect result and it is this that is the therapeutic part for me. When i am cake decorating i can find utter tranquility with the most mundane of repetitive task.

Mary Berry once said. “It is not just indulging in the end results – the cake, the biscuits, the scones – that helps to brighten up a blue day, but the therapeutic process itself”.

But it doesn’t stop there,baking and its ability to bring calm to an otherwise busy and hectic day has shown to contribute to better mental health.

John Waite (remember him) he was the winner of the third series of the Great British bake off in 2012 was diagnosed with manic depression and found that baking helped him to manage his condition.

When I’m in the kitchen, measuring the amount of sugar, flour or butter I need for a recipe or cracking the exact number of eggs – I am in control. That’s really important as a key element of my condition is a feeling of no control.

With this organisations were set up who realised the process of baking can really help so many people and the most well known must be the Depressed cake shop.

I had heard of the Depressed Cake shop a few years ago when i saw grey cakes, macarons, cupcakes with grey buttercream  popping up on Facebook timeline, how very depressing (i thought) but that’s the idea, the grey cakes were used to raise awareness of mental health, Depression and mental health issues through the restorative powers of cake and baking.,


images from

The Depressed Cake Shop ran a series of pop-up cake stalls across the country  that sold only grey cakes. sometimes with an array of colour made visible when you cut into the cake. and was a really excellent way to portray how people feel with mental health issues (grey)

Melanie Denyer is the  the host of London’s Depressed Cake Shop in Brick Lane, and says the success of the event was phenomenal.

“For a lot of us involved in this project, mental illness and baking are linked. A lot of us turn to baking when we’re feeling low. Some of us even started baking because they were ill and needed something simple as a focus. And there is genuinely something very therapeutic about baking.

But in general people love to get there bake on, nearly every year when the new series of great British bake off begins sales of baking equipment goes through the roof,

Tesco homebaking buyer Darren Atherton added: ‘The Great British Bake Off is the biggest thing to have happened to homebaking since cake mixes first appeared nearly half a century ago and has inspired a whole new generation of younger bakers.’

But according to retail analyst Mintel  sales of manufactured cakes have dropped because many of us are making our own.

Read more:

and the popularity of the baking gatherings such as the Clandestine cake club proves this.

started by Lynn hill the clandestine cake club is a world wide phenomenon with over 200 clubs in the UK and international clubs from Argentina to the USA. The meetings are always held in secret locations only known to members and the only rules are no Cupcakes or brownies but you  go along with your cake, a spare tub and an empty stomach,chat,eat cake with like minded people. sounds like loads of fun.

So the next time you have had one of those days, get the scales out and get your bake on, i bet you will be hooked.