Chill and Trim buttercream straight edge cake

If you decorate cakes you are bound to be familiar with the phenomenon of the straight edge ganache Cakes to achieve a sharp edge on sugarpaste covered cakes.

Now for me I couldn’t get to grips with the two board and upside down methods so even though the edges are not as razor sharp as ganache cakes you can still acheive a nice neat edge with buttercream So below is a quick picture tutorial on how to acheive a sharp edge with no need to flip your cake.

This cake is a 10″ spiced carrot cake with fresh lemon buttercream, I’ve split the cake into three and have filled and covered with lemon buttercream so you may see lemon rind streaking the buttercream.

  • Begin with placing your cake on a thin card so you have support and a guide, apply your first crumb coat in the usual way  and chill for 10 mins. 
  • I am using a cake drum as a working board. 
  • Once chilled apply your second crumb coat but now you are aiming to create a small ridge of buttercream around the top of your cake. This will naturally occur while smoothing the sides of your cake with your cake scraper the only difference is your not scraping it away. Once again allow to chill (you can speed up the process by popping in the freezer for 5 minutes) 
  •  This is how it should look
  • Now apply another crumb coat continuing to build a ridge of buttercream around the cake. 
  • Once you are satisfied with your crumb coat you can begin to trim the edge but make sure your buttercream is nice and firm. Take a sharp knife (you can warm the blade in warm water if you wish) slowly begin to trim your buttercream edge, the blade should be flat to the top of the the cake to ensure its level  
  • Once all the edge is removed take some greaseproof paper and a cake smoother to smooth the top 
  • If there are any gaps on the top just use your palette knife to smooth and fill
  •  You have now acheived a neat straight edge    
  • Apply your sugarpaste and if you wish use Smoothers to enhance the cake edge.

I hope you will give it a try and please feel free to share.