The beauty of nothingness

It’s a dull afternoon and I’m doing nothing but sitting on my sofa surfing the web while Netflix is on in the background. 

It’s one of those blissful days of having nothing that urgent to do.

I of course could be doing admin, I have a couple quotes to confirm (will do tomorrow) I could get in the garden or sort out my cake cupboards but I’m doing nothing and it feels so nice.  

20% of me is feeling a little guilty (why is that) as I’m always on the go and I’m thinking I should do something more productive than lounging about but at times isn’t it just nice to just do nothing.

It’s so fashionable to be sooooooo busy but taking time out for a chill out is good for your wellbeing.  

It gives you time to switch off a little or just let your thoughts be free because when we are so busy working in our businesses  we dont get much chance to brainstorm,think about what’s next or simply stop without thinking I need more eggs.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t turned into a sloth but I actually try and plan in some me time which I’m slowly getting better at, and if I’m not out you can simply find me chilling in either catching up with a book, listening to music as I’m currently having a vinyl revival, listening to one of the numerous podcast I subscribe to or catching up on a box set.

If I’m out and about its family, friends or a little Salsa dancing. Ive also invested in one of those wearable health trackers (I purchased a garmin vivofit) to help me keep an eye on my daily activity and I actually love it,I do get a little thrill when I’ve acheived my goals for the day (simple pleasures)

So to my fellow cakers when you have a cake free day or week don’t panic that you haven’t got a cake on use the time to make time for you and enjoy the absolute beauty of nothingness.

So when your not baking what are you upto??

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