Refresh and Rebrand

Those of you that are followers to this blog will over the past few years seen changes to the business from my logo, to cakes, even the way the pictures are styled on my social media etc.. and I’ve certainly had some boost to the biz with the latest being my Theo Paphitis Small business Sunday win which comes with perks and increased exposure.

I feel like the business has grown from where I started from and that I now know after 100s of bakes what I’m doing, who my customers are and what they want and expect from me. 

So with all this said it’s time that my business represents these changes so I’ve decided to go for a whole new brand refresh.

There’s no name change but the logo and brand imagery will look very different from what has come before, I like to think I’m preparing for growth. 

I’ll be working with Nancy Poller who I met last year at an network event held by enterprise nation.  Her business is called Aligned designs and have put a link to one of her blog post

I’m very excited for the next stage of the process as our first brand discovery meeting today was in depth and simply brilliant. 

So I will be keeping you all up to date via my blog and sharing how it’s going.


Yvonne x

Aka Chief kake lady

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