New look Kake and Cupkakery

Finally after 3 months or so I can finally reveal the new look Kake and cupkakery with a brand new website, (it’s having some final few tweaks)

My new logo gives a little nod to my beginning but incorporates a much stronger bolder look which is a step away from my past classic monchromed look and I am now embracing a rainbow of colour.

Because of a varied product offering cupcakes, celebration cakes, wedding cakes and the occasional macaron it was important for my brand  to have a broad appeal and for it to be approachable for women, men, and busy parents as well as couples looking to marry who maybe are looking for  a wedding cake a little quirky maybe. But as well as all this I wanted this new look to portray and reflect my  slightly extroverted personality (yes I said slightly) 

There is also a pink version for the logo that I will also use alongside the main turquoise logo.

But as mentioned previously in my past post I also have a full colour palette to play with

And this has been incorporated through to other aspects such as my business cards, stickers, and a colorful geometric pattern

We’ve switched boxes for the cupcakes to a clear windowed box based on some customer feedback and will also offer boxes of 4 cupcakes for the sit back kick back #SBKB cupcake promotion only

#SBKB which stands for sit back kick back cupkakery cupcake Friday is my fortnightly promotion run across my social media channels and this has also had a refresh to give it its own identity (using the band colours of course) I’ll be making this as varied as the cupcakes I offer. 

I also have some cute icons to use across my brand

From typography/fonts through to colour my aim is keep the look consistent.

I am so pleased with the look and I now feel I have a proper little brand.

I want to say a huge thank you to Nancy Poller from Aligned designs, I’m so glad I decided to invest and go to an expert as she was so professional,knowledable and very collaborative while keeping me focused and challenging me to be brave especially with the use of colour. I absolutely love her work

2011-2017 has been exciting with lots of hard work, sacrifice and dedication and I’m hoping the future will bring more exciting times for me and my little brand/business

But more importantly I hope you like the new look as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “New look Kake and Cupkakery

  1. It is AWESOME! I love the bold color combinations and, as usual, the cakes and cupcakes look delicious! The copy is fantastic and makes me want to buy your baked goods AND get started branding/rebranding my jewelry! Thank you for the shoutout to your professional, too. You all worked very hard and have the results to show for it! Best of luck!

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