GDPR- what you need to know.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you cannot fail to have seen on your feed, on the net about GDPR and you might be thinking this is nothing to do with me, well you’d be wrong.

From the 25th May 2018 strict new rules will come into effect regarding protecting customers data.


General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It addresses the export of personal data outside the EU.

Now before I go any further I’m not an expert but I am aware that I have to take steps to ensure I’m complying with the new requirements.

Facebook and it’s ignorance at how third party apps are capturing all aspects of our data is an example of the increasing importance of keeping data safe.

We as cake makers capture certain aspects of personal data, we collect,store information so whether that be a via a blog, the information required for a cake order,information given via your website or a mailing list, all these aspects will come under GDPR

Some of the information is confusing as I’ve read many articles and I need to commit some time to make the changes but there are a couple links below that might help you understand what is required.

  • Basically it’s keep data safe
  • Breaches of GDPR can lead to hefty fines
  • Applies to sole traders (majority of us cake makers are registered as sole traders)
  • Obviously there are elements regarding how you store and use data and informing customers of how you are managing their data
  • applies to paper documents as well as digitally stored information.

Below are specific links regarding small/micro businesses

Also below more in-depth information from the ICO

I’m sure your now thinking WHAT do I do? Well try not to panic there’s still time to get your head around it,I’m just like you and wasn’t really taking much notice until it was discussed at an event i went to in feb.

I do already try to be careful with data as in not sharing and the recording of information but now I need to look at updating my website with some information, resend out blog subscription info, how I use data from any competitions I run etc etc.

So this blog post is simply for you to be made aware it’s coming so consider this a heads up.

Meet the baker-A cake occasion

phonto-1Time to introduce another fab business

1. So firstly please introduce yourself and your business, and where in the UK/World are you based?

          I’m Jo owner of A Cake Occasion based in Accrington Lancashire

meet the baker 8

2.Are you a self-taught cake decorator/baker or are you trained?


3.Who inspired you to bake/ decorate and how long have you been baking for?

    I’ve been baking for around 7 years. It all started with Christmas cakes, I baked our       family cake every year. Then along came my children and my passion for baking and     cake decorating really started. My children inspired me to create beautiful cakes. I’ve    been fully decorating cakes including making my own models for 4 years.

4.How long have you been running your cake business?

A Cake Occasion has been running 4 years this coming July.

5.What was the last cake you made?

The last cake I made was a 4 tier semi naked wedding cake which was delivered and set up on New Year’s Eve.

meet the baker 66.  How do you attract customers to your business?

Word of mouth mainly and facebook.

7.  What do you find the hardest aspect of running your cake business?

My kitchen and house is full of cake stuff its hard detaching from work sometimes. I can’t wait to finally get my cake room so my house becomes my home again.

meet the baker7

8.  What do you love or find the easiest aspect of running your cake business

I love the fact that I’m my own boss. I can work when I choose and get to spend more time with my kids working from home. Caking is my passion its my happy place.

9.  What is your speciality/niche? (Wedding cakes, novelty cakes, cupcakes etc…..)

Ooooh hmmm I would say wedding cakes but I do love novelty. I’d never give them up completely.

10.  Who is your favourite cake artist, cake business, cake crush or you tube channel

The Bakeking!! His air- brushing skills are insane!!!

11.  What one piece of cake decorating/baking equipment could you simply not do without?

Oh I have a few but my ultimate has to be my K-mix followed by Agbay then Kingpin ha ha

12.What was the last bit of cake equipment you purchased?

The Profroster – what a great piece of kit

13. What is the one piece of cake equipment you absolutely regret purchasing

I don’t know the name of it but it’s a pen type tool that picks up edible balls and other tiny items Making it easier and quicker to add to cakes. It doesn’t work ha ha

14.What is your favourite brand of sugarpaste


15.Is there a new skill you would love to learn?

Figures and faces

16.What are the goals and ambitions for your business over the next 12 months and beyond?

Cake room is top of my list for 2018. I need my own space that I can shut off from my home and also keep cakes safe from the prying hands of my 14 month old son. Maybe one day opening a shop.

I’ve been nominated for Entrepreneur of the year at the Mumboss UK awards this March.. to get into the finalists would be amazing.

17  .What advice would you give a new cake business just starting out?

Make lots of cake friends.. it really does help having like minded people to talk to.

18.  And lastly what do you prefer a slice of cake or a cupcake?

Slice of cake always

I hope you enjoyed reading about Jo and her business A cake occasion and you can contact Jo via her social media links below.


And it you wish to be featured in the meet the baker interviews please email