Product Review: Lakeland Message Stamps

Finding the perfect bit of cake decorating kit can not only give fab results and a professional finish but also save us Cake decorators precious time. So when I received an order for some Frozen Cupcakes (yes Frozen) I wanted to add a little birthday message to the cupcake toppers and was planning on using some impressits Cupcake and cake stamps that I had but unfortunately I’ve lost a couple of the critical letters (don’t you hate it when that happens) so my contingency was to either pipe the message or paint it on.

The impressits are pretty straight forward to use and if you want to check them out here is the link, they are available from Purple Cupcakes.

But before I got my bake on with baking the order I decided to take an overdue trip to my closest Lakeland store as conversations on Twitter with other bakers made it sound like a must do trip for bakers, so today the weather was nice, sun was shining so I went for a short drive to Droitwich.

While on my visit I purchased a few items and one of those items was the message stamps set suitable for use with cookies or with Sugarpaste.

What I like about this set is that they are of a decent size, come in upper case and are in a nice clean font. But I especially like the way they click together to form your words (you have to just remember to assemble backwards) and clicking the letters together they form a nice grippable ridge at the back so you can totally control how much pressure you are applying to your sugarpaste or cookie dough.

They cost £6.99 and You get a 96 Piece set, with all of the alphabet x2, numbers and punctuation and a little bag to store them in, here is the link They are a simple but effective design.

used Lakeland message stamps

So for me a they are a great time saver, good value for money and a fab edition to my cake decoration kit, think I’m going to ❤️them.

Just to add my reviews are non paid, simply sharing my cakey bakey finds

Who’s Bad

So how are you enjoying the weather? some people are loving it, and others not so much as you do tend to hear  sayings such as”it’s too hot” and ” ooh I like the sun but it’s a different kind of heat, not like aboard”
So as Yvonne Donald I adore the sunshine, sitting out in it and relaxing, everyone’s mood is lifted, and generally there’s an overall feeling of well being with some good summery vibes.
But as Kake and Cupkakery me and the hot weather don’t care much for each other and one word tends to send a shiver down my spine that word is “HEATWAVE”
Now if your a cake decorator you will totally understand where I’m heading with this, buttercream melts, kitchen too hot, sugarpaste wilting it’s  generally real kitchen nightmares, and if your not a cake decorator well let me tell you the tale of the Devil Cake.
Every cake decorator has from time to,time a devil cake, that one cake that just doesn’t want to play.
So I’m working on two cakes for delivery one weekend, a Chanel shopper and the other a round cake with a Michael Jackson theme, simples right.
The chanel shopper is decorated with sugarpaste panels, stencil work, and is 3D, not too tricky but overall was baked and decorated in three days.
The second cake was having a cut out silhouette on top of a basic covering of sugarpaste again straight forward ( you’d think)
So I began decorating the cake after making a delivery of the chanel cake. it’s was chilling with a crumb coat in the fridge ready for the icing, so far so good. Then the cake drama began. I removed it from the fridge,covered it with sugarpaste, smoothed it and then they began to appear, air bubbles all over the place.
Usually you can remove an air bubble by placing a sterile pin into the air bubble and gently start easing the air out of the hole, but oh no the devil cake wasn’t having it, so more appeared and before you know it the cake resembled the surface of the moon, so off with the icing and start again.
Deep breaths in we go, redo crumb coat, chill and get ready to recover it with sugarpaste, but again the devil cake doesn’t want to play, this time the icing was softer than Mr whippy ice cream, air bubbles start reappearing again, arghhhhh stop it. So off with the icing (again)
I then decide enough is enough, I carefully put down the knife I mean palette knife, slowly re cover the buttercream in the bowl and decided to retire for the night to the land of slumber before I did something I would regret to the cake.
So new day, new start, I’m poised and ready and now working against the clock, cake is due for delivery in 5 hours, the silhouette, letters and musical notes are dried out and ready to apply to the cake, if they could talk they would be screaming “come on do it already”
So the Cake sits there and looks harmless enough, so I roll and apply more paste and then remove and throw in the bin, it doesn’t want to cooperate, so I mumbled calmly to myself and the cake “come on play nicely someone is waiting for you”
another deep breath and with the last kilo of icing left ( no pressure) I reapply the icing, and if by magic Ta dah I did it, it was like covering my very first cake, a great sense of achievement came over me.
I did the Michael Jackson moonwalk across the kitchen, well more like a shuffle, while humming “who’s bad” the cake is nearly done, no time for error. I speed though and got the cake finished under an hour and a half, woo hoo.
I take a pic, box it up and leave it alone, and hope that
1. no cupboards fall off the wall and squash it
2. no freak earth tremors happen to shake it off the counter top onto the floor
such was my anxiety of getting this cake to the customer.
I delivered it, the customer loved it my work here was done.
So when it’s hot spare a thought to all those cake decorators working with stuff that melts who get a cake to you looking perfect cause believe me it ain’t easy.
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Cake Decorating Basics


Hello everyone, its been a while since my last blog, have had a little play with the look of the blog but i can be fickle so be prepared if it changes again.

Soll have been so busy and have lots to share regarding my adventures in kakeland but  going to commit that by hook or by crook  l will stick to a fortnightly blog post  so watch this space.

So today i thought l would go back to basics and share a number of post around tutorials, help and advice to do with Cake decorating and cupcake making as well as all my kakey goings on on my kake adventure.

So as the title says its back to cake decorating basics

I started my hobby (which is now a business) back in my 20s (and no not 1920)and  have basically been honing my craft since then, l can safely say l am also still learning as there are so many new techniques and i want to try them all, but l am really quite amazed at both the popularity of baking/cake decorating, (i believe the great British bake off  has a lot to answer for) and as for cupcakes they have just exploded but convinced they are well and truly here to stay.

You only have to venture to the various cake shows and  look at the numerous amount of workshops, cake clubs etc to see the continued popularity as well as the various levels of skill that are out there.

But with any art or skill there is always the basics you have to master and today l am  going to share some of the equipment you are going to need to get yourself started.

So you need to cover a cake and get that smooth flawless finish but how?? well you will need a bit of kit to get started. This is what i started with

  • Plastic Rolling pin – Available in a variety of sizes for a variety of task
  • Smoother – To create that smooth flawless finish, you can get smoother’s for round  cakes and square, the round smoother has a rounded edge and the square has a straight sharper edge
  • Palette knife/Cranked Palette knife – Use to apply buttercream to cake layers and to crumb coat a cake
  • Pizza wheel or sharp knife – I use either to trim edges around a cake

  • gel colours – Available in many colours to produce different hues and shades and is concentrated so a little goes a long way

cocktail sticks – Use to add colour to sugarpaste in small amounts (remember you can add but you cant take away so be easy on the colour)

  • ruler – I use to measure diameter of rolled paste and double check depth of cake to achieve a good coverage
  • Side Cake scraper – Use to smooth buttercream added for a crumb coat

As well as a cake turntable,cake drums, sugarpaste, buttercream, (will cover in another post)  this is a good place to start. I would also get yourself off to a DIY store and buy a tool box as i find this is handy way to store your starter kit, but in time you will need so much more storage for all the bits of equipment you will now start to collect for your new hobby/business.

please feel free to comment or ask any questions as i will be happy to answer, or you can subscribe to the blog, but keep an eye out for future post

Happy Baking