Did you see the cake?

I’ve had a little blog hiatus, and it’s been a while since I’ve written a post apart from meet the baker (which will be back next week)

So this time last week we were all coming down from the high that was the royal wedding of Harry and Megan and like everyone their were two things I wanted to see, the dress and the cake.

The dress and Megan were stunning, obvious comparisons were made to Kate’s wedding dress, Megan’s was simple classic and elegant, Kate’s was lacy and elegant and more form fitting. I liked both dresses equally but if I had to choose one over the other Megan’s would’ve been the one for me.

The service was beautiful and it was clear to see that Megan influenced elements of the wedding day from the beautiful gospel choir to the wonderful preacher but that wasn’t the only influence she introduced. It became clear once the cake was revealed that Megan Harry and Claire Ptak from Violets bakery have introduced us all to the deckled edge cake which seems to be a trend in the states.

It certainly wasn’t what we were expecting for a royal wedding cake which was clear to see from the reaction of many.

I knew no matter what it looked like it would be both loved and hated because that’s life, and that’s the cake community (we like to have an opinion) but what really tickled me was the strong and I mean strong emotion the cake evoked within the cake community.

And it got me wondering why did so many react so negatively towards the cake? after all it was the choice of the bride and groom and would have had a consultation if not a few, and it wasn’t like the cake just rocked up on the day, it would have been a well thought out design

So why the reaction?

My theory is because we are used to expected and wanted perfection.

We like cakes that are flawless, razor sharp edges, the realest looking sugar flowers just everything perfect.

We spend hours perfecting our cakes, watching videos, going to workshops, sharing advice so we can create a perfect cake.

So the expectations for the the royal wedding cake was huge but you only had to check out the baker and her style of cake design that this was going to be very different and very rustic in style.

And oh was it different, from the choice of baker, the flavour (no traditional fruit cake)right through to the decoration, the uneven rough finish and the presentation it didn’t look perfect and we were shook.

I’ve read various blogs and threads about how we should encourage and support each after all the vitriol started especially when it was revealed how much the cake supposedly cost.

Personally for me I was in the love it camp but many were not and that’s fine as it’s down to what you like and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Not everyone wants a perfect sharp edge, not everyone has to have a tiered cake up to the ceiling and not every baker wants to embrace sharp edge perfection, but we are (as a community) obsessed with perfection and that’s why we create beautiful works of Edible art.

But not every baker strives for that.

I watched an episode of chefs kitchen -pastry a few weeks ago and was intrigued by a baker who hates covering cakes in frosting/fondant and I kinda get what Christina Tosi was saying

“From being in culinary school around all these insane masters of beauty and perfection when it comes to finishing a cake, they had tired me out completely to the point where I was like, ‘I don’t think cake should be frosted,I’ve seen how obsessed you can get with frosting a cake, and that time should be spent elsewhere … we’re not in pottery class.”

You can watch a clip here

We are in the business of cake so I don’t wholly agree but we can all admit to spending hours perfecting a cake covered in ganache to create the sharpest of edges because that’s what we do, and that’s what our customers want, right?

Some customers do want perfection, they do want a sharp edge cake they do want a cake that towers above us, they do want a cake adorned with beautifully realistic sugar flowers, but also their are customers who don’t want that, and bakers who don’t want it either and that is fine.

Customers commission us to create cakes because they want a cake that is perfect for them no matter what it looks like.

So I think for me with all the cake commotion that went on we forgot that the bride and groom Harry and Megan wanted that cake, Claire delivered it beautifully and to them it was perfect even if to us it wasn’t.

So no matter what cake we produce, no matter what it looks like our customers come to us because they like the style of cakes we produce wether that be a sky scraping sharp edge beauty or a buttercream deckled edge cake, as long as they are happy then it is absolutely perfect to them.

So it looks like the deckled edge cake might be the next cake trend but are we ready for a little less perfection?