Product Review: Lakeland Message Stamps

Finding the perfect bit of cake decorating kit can not only give fab results and a professional finish but also save us Cake decorators precious time. So when I received an order for some Frozen Cupcakes (yes Frozen) I wanted to add a little birthday message to the cupcake toppers and was planning on using some impressits Cupcake and cake stamps that I had but unfortunately I’ve lost a couple of the critical letters (don’t you hate it when that happens) so my contingency was to either pipe the message or paint it on.

The impressits are pretty straight forward to use and if you want to check them out here is the link, they are available from Purple Cupcakes.

But before I got my bake on with baking the order I decided to take an overdue trip to my closest Lakeland store as conversations on Twitter with other bakers made it sound like a must do trip for bakers, so today the weather was nice, sun was shining so I went for a short drive to Droitwich.

While on my visit I purchased a few items and one of those items was the message stamps set suitable for use with cookies or with Sugarpaste.

What I like about this set is that they are of a decent size, come in upper case and are in a nice clean font. But I especially like the way they click together to form your words (you have to just remember to assemble backwards) and clicking the letters together they form a nice grippable ridge at the back so you can totally control how much pressure you are applying to your sugarpaste or cookie dough.

They cost £6.99 and You get a 96 Piece set, with all of the alphabet x2, numbers and punctuation and a little bag to store them in, here is the link They are a simple but effective design.

used Lakeland message stamps

So for me a they are a great time saver, good value for money and a fab edition to my cake decoration kit, think I’m going to ❤️them.

Just to add my reviews are non paid, simply sharing my cakey bakey finds

Product Review: Cakes away postable Cupcake boxes 

So incase you didn’t know my business creates Dessert style cupcakes, celebration cakes, layer cakes and I also do the occasional stall and event. I’m kept very busy and at the moment my business operates from my registered kitchen and runs online via a website, I get customers from word of mouth recommendation and also various Social media platforms.

I deliver my orders to your door which is convenient for my customers but at times delivery can be limited regarding the distances to deliver cakes, so I deliver within Birmingham and occasionally out of town. 

Sometimes I do receive request for orders from different parts of the UK and unfortunately many times I have had to turn down these Cakey request simply  because of the delicate nature of cake and my fear of posting cakes.

That is until now as it was with utter joy when I heard about postable Cupcake boxes.

I can’t deny I was extremely skeptical regarding getting cupcakes from A to B without them being tossed about and arriving in a crumbly cakey mess and I  was aware that cupcakes via post services do actually exist so I wanted to look into it this further.

So when I received a request for a wedding out of town I thought sending cupcakes by post would be a perfect way for my customer to try my cupcake samples, and also a great way to try out the postable cupcake boxes.

So via Twitter I found a company called Card cuts who specialise in Cupcake and Gift packaging they are also on Facebook  http ://  and Twitter @card_cuts the boxes are marketed as Cakes away postable cupcake boxes and you can get a 6 hole and singular box with a card which I think is rather cute.

I ordered Via their website and the cost was £5.75 for a case of 2 Cakeaway boxes.

The boxes arrived already assembled and are made out of corrugated card so extremely sturdy.


 Inside was a 6 hole insert tray, an all in one plastic pod cover to cover the cupcakes an extra cardboard support to help keep everything in one place, and some special Cupcake cases that you can bake without placing in a muffin tray.

You also receive instructions on the best way to bake and prepare your cupcakes and a handy little guide regarding your baked cakes in their case.

Every angle had been covered, and receiving a call from the company was the icing on the cake and added an extra little touch in that they wanted to ensure you had a good experience of using the boxes.

So back to the cakes, I was attempting to send buttercream cupcakes in various flavors:

Raspberry White Chocolate,Chocolate, Triple lemon and Pina Colada.


I was told I could send really high swirls so I had to give it a try and purposely went high with the piña colada flavour, probably a bit too high as there was some squishing going on (my fault)


So with all the cakes baked, swirled and boxed  i labeled up and decided to send an extra box as a test to somewhere that was a bit further afield so decided to send a box to ScotIand to my Aunt as a surprise.

Now curiosity was begining to tickle me and I wanted to give the box a mini test so I turned the box with the cupcakes in upside down with a good 360 degree twist, put the box back down and had a peek, and hey presto cakes where fine, (I breathed a sigh of relief) so now confident in my preparation etc…. I was ready to post the following day.

No need for a courier service as the cakes could be sent via Royal Mail The box was classed as a small parcel so I decided to send one box First class £4.30 confirmed delivery and the other box Second class £3.90 Confirmed delivery . You can send as standard but I wanted that extra assurance

So as I waved goodbye to my Cakes I then patiently awaited messages of there safe arrival.

Then a couple days later I received an email (from my customer) and text (from my aunt) to inform me that the cakes had arrived safe and sound, no damage and tasted delicious.

I was over the moon, successful delivery made and I was so impressed with these boxes. 

I’m not sure about sending in the height of summer (if we get one ) with the heat, as we know heat and buttercream do not mix but I think that could easily be remedied by either chilling or freezing in advance.

I now am working on offering cupcakes by post and working on a specific range, so using the boxes can lead to brand extension of products you already offer so I’m giving them a big 10/10 as I was suitably impressed as it was obvious a lot of trial and error had gone into the creation and manufacture of the boxes to allow safe delivery of the cakes.

So have you ever used them? And what was your experience like, I would love to hear.