Let there be love


So for a while had been thinking what can l come up with for Valentines day that will be fun and appeal to all  not just for those are happily loved up and waiting for Valentines day to show up with a plethora of cards and gifts, but those that may have had hearts broken or just detest the day all together..

So while having a nosey on my bookcase  i came across a book l had bought many years ago after reading a review about it.


International Quirkyalone Day 2013


“Quirkyalones are people who enjoy being single (but are not opposed to being in a relationship) and prefer being single to dating for the sake of being in a relationship. It’s a mindset.”

So love it or loathe it you cant really avoid it as everywhere you look you are remind  that you must buy that card, chocolates  flowers or cake 🙂

So this got me thinking all those singletons or valentines haters deserve to eat cake  too so l was inspired to create two different cupcake boxes for valentines day, the Anti Valentines and Valentines day cupcake box.

Anti Valentines Cupcakes

Anti Valentines Cupcakes

Valentines Cupcakes

Each box is a bit of a chocolate treat, well it would be rude not too, so we have Red Velvet, Chocolate raspberry Ganache (chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream and finished with Belgian Chocolate Ganache), and Chocolate Caramel, chocolate cake filled with a smooth caramel.

Now don’t get me wrong personally l don’t  mind valentines day it is what it is and if your not married or loved up then show love to family and friends, get the girls together, get the champers out and eat  cupcakes, book a spa day and spoil yourself and then propose a toast to being single and Fabulous.

So however you choose to celebrate or with whoever you choose to celebrate it with have a Happy Valentines day xx (i know its early but so are my cakes)