Refresh and Rebrand-Mood board

When I started Kake and Cupkakery or rather when they merged I was very much inspired by two programmes DC cupcakes which focused on a cupcake bakery called Georgetown cupcake the owners are sisters Katherine and Sophie who gave up their jobs and opened a cupcake shop, and have since gone on to open another 5 bakeries. 

My other inspiration was Unique Sweets which I love and  and has been featured in one of my earlier blog post. 

This programme focused on American baking,unique sweet treats and bake shops across an episode here

When I started my focus and goal was to one day open my own bakery with the feel of an American bake shop with shops in the midlands, up north and down south, where I create all my celebration cakes as well as being open to sell coffee and cake. Think Cake boss, bakery downstairs workshop upstairs

Well if your going to dream dream big I say.

So when I think of my business I’m always thinking how this would translate into a bakery, even though currently my biz is primarily operating online which has great advantages and is working well I always imagined what it (a bakery) would look and feel like and me rebranding I very much have this in mind as that’s my ultimate dream/goal.

Yes I make cakes but I overall I just love to bake so even though I have a core focus of Cupcakes-celebration cakes-wedding cakes in my business I feel like I’m an all rounder as I do have a bit of a patisserie background so I’m always open to trying new ideas and exploring flavours that I feel are authentic and natural.

Every aspect before I started Kake and cupkakery was carefully considered just like any business and with the rebranding and how the business is operating my logo or rather brand has to represent everything I now do. I thought about my packaging and how it needed to be generic so that a man would feel comfortable carrying a box of cupcakes as well as a woman and in this I mean escaping anything to pink, swirly or overtly feminine, I’m not saying men can’t do pink but when thinking about what I wanted to do I had to break it down and be really clear who I wanted to cater for even though females are my primary market I just didn’t want to be too feminine so that’s why I opted for a generic plain kraft style box with no window but also have packaging I could dress up. I love the boxes and they’ll be staying how I can improve on presentation remains to be seen.

What I offer:

 My flavours for my cupcakes I would describe as gutsy and unusual and I like to think a little unique I like to let the cake do the talking  so for my current logo I stayed neutral and minimal because in the early stages I didn’t know where the business would lead, but now I know what I do and my customer base it needs to reflect that.

I create celebration cakes for all occasions catering for busy mums who want a special cake as well as those special birthdays and christening etc this is the fun element and a core part of my business.

Weddings is a market I need to get further established in but offering something a little different as there are many wonderful wedding cake designers whose cakes are beautifully executed so I have to think what I can offer that is different that I can bring to an already crowded market place.

And if you know me personally I’m a people person also a chatterbox and a little extroverted with a quirky sense of humor, I’m very expressive with my hands when I talk (true story)

So my brand has to represent all or most of the elements above  as well as some of my personality.

So first meeting was a brand discovery meeting back in April which dug deeper into me and my business and elements of what I’ve discussed above, Nancy wants to bring into my branding and get it to represent  the different things I do as well as my personality.

 I was already working and focusing on certain aspects of the business because I had been working on a business planner Ive spoken about in previous post  called Dream|Plan|Do by the Design trust and is one of the reason for the brand refresh as it really makes me think about what I’m doing.

So back to the brand discovery meeting,some of the questions Nancy wanted to know were:

  • Who my customers are- I used analytics from my social media to determine who interacts and responds to my pages especially with boosted post and adverts plus who I sell too.
  • What do I do? – artisan cupcakes, celebration cakes  a few wedding cakes, and recently a macaron or two.
  • Words I use to describe my business- authentic, quirky, unique, approachable  etc…
  • Who I want to attract- More customers who like artisan products
  • Business I admire and why- kute cake,crumbs and doilies, Lilly vanilli, Apple, Georgetown cupcake, 
  • Design styles I like- I used Pinterest to help me 
  • What my packaging is like- kraft brown boxes which me and my customers love and I will be keeping.

So Nancy went away and looked at all the information I gave and sent to her and she in turn sent me a mood board which is based on some visuals I sent to her as well as our conversations.

She is so collaborative and really wants to know what I like and dont like and unlike previous times where I’ve had a logo design there are loads of questions and suggestions been made that I’ve never thought of, and I really appreciate her expertise and creativity of thinking outside the box.

The images below are a combination of looks and colours sent to me to get my response. Its been a mixture of feeling overwhelmed, excited and wow. 

We also went through a  Pinterest board I created (feel free to have nose, the board is called Brand refresh) and went through aspects of design I liked and didn’t like so I can see she is building up a picture about me and Kake and Cupkakery 

This is not the final look but was just to judge my reaction to colour which is a huge leap from my muted monochrome look.

There is still work to be done on:

  • Colour palette
  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Pattern

So the next stage will be to see some colour palettes as well as a logo design.
I’m absolutely loving this process and while this is happening I’ll be tweaking everything else such as website,looking at my price point and product offering. 

It’s all very exciting and that’s why I want to share this process with you through my blog post.

Next update coming soon

Cakeageddon 2016

It has been agessssssss since my last post and it’s purely down to being a busy little bee over the past few months so I thought I would take the opportunity to reignite my blog ready for the new year.

So we are in the middle of crimbo limbo, that period in between xmas and new year where the days just merge into one, we are finishing off the mince pies, the unwanted celebrations chocolates and vowing to start a mini detox until new year celebrations begin,in other words still in the festive eating mindset but vowing to hit the gym.

So how was your festive period?? 

Did you have a nice one?

It seemed to go by in a blur for me, I managed to get all my Christmas present shopping done in November so thankfully I didn’t have to brave the crowds or hover around waiting for Amazon to deliver, yep this year i was seriously  organised as I knew the run up to Christmas was going to be a tough one due to cakeageddon.

Cakeageddon is the name I have been giving to my Christmas promotions for the past couple years or so and for me it describes it perfectly.

This years Cakeageddon offering was a combination of cupcakes, a festive drip cake, character cupcakes,and chocolate log cabin cakes,and not forgetting the rum cake.

 On reflection  for this year I should have reduced Cakeageddon slightly as I usually manage to take some annual leave from the day job but this year I didn’t so I was coming home and dealing with preparing  the many orders booked in ready for Christmas.

In between the baking I was having to find time to get into the festive spirit by attending Christmas nights out etc… was a test of stamina that’s for sure but everyone got there cakes, cupcakes and even mince pies.

The consequence for me though was a house in chaos, chocolate, icing sugar was everywhere and with the last of deliveries on Christmas Eve the last thing you want to be doing is a kitchen deep clean on Christmas Eve but it had to be done as I was still in semi baking mode for my family, two raspberry and lemon roulades for Christmas Day dessert and family mince pies to make so I didn’t  really stop till Christmas Day.

So while I’m in crimbo limbo I always like to reflect back at cakeageddon and think about how I could have done things differently or what I would change.

  1. Continue to get my personal shopping and tax return completed as early as possible as I’m always left rushing to get it completed, my accountant must be constantly eye rolling me
  2. Be mindful of my workload/ orders in December 
  3. Get a little admin help, especially for website enquiries in December actually in general 
  4. Stick to my cut off date for orders ( I’ve been especially strict with myself this year)
  5. Continue to close the business after Christmas just to get my breath back and reflect 
  6. I sometimes think I will have  a break the following year from cakeageddon but I never do so keep em peeled for cakeageddon 2017 🙂

So now it’s time to think about 2017 and what I want to achieve in the business. I’ve already got ideas in my head ready for valentines, Mother’s Day etc as well as more long term plans that I’m waiting to put onto paper.

I’ve even ordered myself a new business planner  to get things moving, this was recommended to me by a friend, it’s for creatives/craft type business  and if your interested you can check it out here 

I’ll write more about my planning process and how I get on with this planner in a future post.

Personally Ive decided it’s going to be the year of me, I’m going to get a holiday booked in and focus on having a little more playtime and relax a little so my life isn’t all work and cake as I am often described as a workaholic. 

I’m ever focused on my business but taking heed of my mums recent advice

“life is for living” 

so aiming for some balance in 2017

So if you run a business how was the busy festive period for you? And what would you do differently?? I would love to hear about it.

Anyway more post Christmas chilling to  continue but see you with another post in 2 weeks.

Yvonne 🙂 

Aka The Kake lady